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mapsWe're honored to be trusted with your vacation, and are confident that your visit to Hotel Club del Mar and Costa Rica will be unforgettable. Please contact us with any questions, or to make a reservation.

Local Phone: (506) 2643-3194
Local Fax: (506) 2643-3550
Toll Free Number: 1-866-978-5669

Address: P.O. Box 107 - 4023
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

We're happy to arrange transfer to and from the airport. Local taxi service and car rental are also available.

We're located 300 meters south of the 'El Arroyo' Service Station, on the main highway.

Driving Directions from International Juan Santa Maria Airport

If you rent a car, be sure that your car rental agency gives you a map.

Leaving the airport you must head north along the Pan American highway which runs in front of the airport. You access this by turning right out of the airport parking and then taking the right entrance to the freeway indicating Orotina or Puntarenas. About 5 - 10 minutes down the freeway you will see a sign for Jacó (not a lot of notice) just before an overpass (There will be some large white cylindrical shaped tanks immediately to your left at this point labeled RECOPE). Take the turnoff to the right, and immediately turn left over the overpass which crosses over the freeway you just came off of.

Follow this road until you pass The "Fiesta del Maíz" Restaurant on the left (the sign is a large rotating cube), and about half a km or so past the restaurant there is a soccer field on the left: turn left at that corner, and follow this small meandering road for about 2 – 3 km until you arrive at an overpass. Turn left immediately before the overpass, and drive uphill parallel to the freeway for about 100 meters (the freeway will be on your right). Enter the freeway to your right to head southwest to Orotina.

There will be two Toll booths from this point on so you will need a about $3 in local currency to take care of that. Continue to follow the signs to Orotina, and bypass Orotina to continue to Jacó.

You will still have another 30 minute or so drive. Bypass all the entrances to Jacó Beach and continue to the south end of town. You will pass the Jacó El Arroyo Service station, and 200 - 300 meters after the curve on the right hand side is Club del Mar. Go slowly after you pass the gas station because it will come up suddenly!

We look forward to your visit!